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Should I take lessons or become a practice member?

Lessons are the best way to start your golfing journey if you are a complete beginner. Excellent lessons when you start are invaluable if you want to improve quickly. If you are enjoying golf after the first few lessons then you should consider the practice packages. Regular practice alongside your lessons is essential if you wish to take your game to the next level. Seasoned golfers would benefit from one of the practice packages if they live or work in the local area.

Why take lessons with me?

Nothing compares to receiving expert coaching that is tailored to suit your needs. YouTube is a fantastic tool that can help many people understand some parts of the swing but your improvement will be greatly accelerated if you prioritise the changes and can relate them to your individual needs. I have been coaching since 1999 and offer a money back guarantee of satisfaction. If I can't help you then I suggest you try another sport.

What should I wear?

Comfortable clothing that you can swing freely in. Trainers, golf shoes, or anything with a good grip so you can make a stable swing without slipping.

Do I need my own clubs?

No. You are welcome to bring your own clubs but I can provide them free of charge. We currently have demos in our Inesis range and a full set of Taylormade RBZ

How many lessons will I need?

Everybody's needs are going to be different. I suggest that you try one lesson and see if you enjoy the experience. After one hour you will see a major difference in your swing and you should have a clear idea of what you need to improve. We can then discuss weather you would like to continue your improvement with one of our packages. 

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